I will provide professional business advice based on my years of experience that will help you to:

  • Take care of your accounting needs so you can turn your focus back to your customers and clients.
  • Provide you with the assurance that your financial records are not only up-to-date but accurate.
  • Put money back into your pocket by helping you to see areas of opportunity for cost-saving and growth and that allow you to react in a timely manner to changes in the cash flow of your business.
  • Assist you in meeting long-term goals from business growth, purchase or sale to retirement

Being a business owner means you are under pressure each day to make decisions. At Terry-Ann De Souza, Chartered Professional Accountant you have some one who is dedicated to helping you achieve your success, allowing you time to look beyond the day-to-day matters.

Focusing on the bottom line has never been more crucial than in the current economy. Keeping on target with sales, servicing your customers and training employees take much time and effort. From retail to providing services to the public, store front or online, incorporated or not, you will need the right information at the right time to make the right choices. I will provide that service for you.


Self-employed Professionals

If you run your own business you have much to balance. Whether you are an independent sales agent, real estate agent, subcontractor, technical consultant or contemplating taking your growing sole proprietorship or partnership to a new level, let me be your professional accounting and tax advisor. I have worked with professional clients over many years and have the experience to help you succeed in today’s complex and competitive market.

Recognize that your tax situation evolves with each stage of life and professional advice can assist you to save taxes and keep on target with the tax man.